Online Account Service

Online Account Service

Online account service is available to the customers of Valley Center Municipal Water District to view latest bill and water usage and make payments online.

PLEASE NOTE: All customers will need to register with the Online Account Service using a NEW account number. If you were using the previous online account system (in 2016 and earlier), you will need to re-register. The NEW account number is located in the upper right corner in the latest water bill (click here for an example bill); it is in the following format: 000000-000


View and pay your water bill on-line.

Terms of Use and Privacy Statement

By accessing and using the online account service website, you acknowledge the Valley Center Municipal Water District Privacy Statement and accept the policies and practices described in that document.

To access your account, you are required to provide all the information requested in the registration page. Access to the online account will be granted after successful e-mail address verification. Online payment transactions are provided to you by the financial institutions that you access through the online payment section. VCMWD assumes no responsibility for the actions or inactions of the financial institutions, and individuals making online payments through the financial institutions do so at their own risk.

While we try to update this information on a timely basis, changes to the information contained herein may have been made since the contents were posted. In case of discrepancies, the official records of VCMWD will prevail.

VCMWD is not responsible for damages that may result from inability to access this website.

Please read the full Privacy Statement.